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Products & Services

BIOPOLYNET offers its unique platform BioNanoCoil™ solution and expertise via two main approaches; One is that we that design, develop, and supply novel biopolymeric products using our proprietary formulations and selected natural resources in targeted market sectors (Applications), and two is that we partner with manufacturers to adapt BNC methodology to their own specific needs and use their available raw materials and by-products to create value-adding products. (Your R&D Partner)

The range of potential market applications open to our BioNanoCoil™ based products cover a very large breadth that can be subcategorized by two key functionalities:

Rheology Modification

Fire Suppression

Natural Baits

Ore Floatation & Pelletization

Dust Suppression 

Carrier Fluids




Tailings Recovery

Biogas Nutrient Recovery

Wastewater Treatment 

Precious Metal Extractions


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Your R&D Partner

Looking for new ways to give a boost to the use of biopolymers in your existing processes or create a new product from your natural by-products? We can work with you to design, develop, and test the ideal formulation with our customizable BNC methodology to meet specific biodegradability, functionality, and critical-to-quality requirements for your needs.

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Beyond BioNanoCoil products, our team has diverse experience in new polymer formulation, biophysics, engineering, and rheology sciences. Leverage our specialized skills and expertise to replace synthetic chemistry in your operations through projects by becoming and R&D partner.


Our team will work with you to conduct feasibility studies, analyze raw materials availability and compatibility, identify areas to improve efficiency, reduce and replace the use of harmful synthetic chemistries and unlock new opportunities in your operations. Contact us to learn more about our unique offerings.

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