About Us

BIOPOLYNET is a Canadian cleantech company focused on designing, developing, and marketing novel bio-polymeric network solutions to help enable its customers to cost effectively achieve their corporate sustainability objectives by minimizing their dependence on traditional synthetic chemistries currently used within their operations. 

Value Proposition: BIOPOLYNET develops and markets biopolymeric technologies that can control properties of solutes in water and displace incumbent synthetic chemistries in targeted vertical markets by creating a compelling value proposition based on:





Positioning Statement: BOPOLYNET'S target customers will derive value from BioNanoCoil’s general product attributes, such as its ability to be customized to specific end-user needs as well as its inherent non-toxicity, biodegradability, and low carbon footprint features for creating a more sustainable environment 

Our Team

Our team comes from a strong background in hard science business, and successful technology scale ups.

We also pride ourselves on having a close working relationship with our industrial clients and institutional R&D partners.


(Founder and President)

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Mostafa is a scientist, an entrepreneur, and an inventor with over 17 over years of combined experience in developing and manufacturing biopolymeric products. Mostafa currently holds 8  patents (US, Canada, Iran) and 10 registered inventions in natural polymers and bio-network solutions. Mostafa holds a master's degree in Biophysics.



(Director of Operations)

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Arian has over 6 years of experience in cross-functional and entrepreneurial roles in science based companies. He has a proven track record in establishing strategic partnerships, delivering investment objectives, raising dilutive/non-dilutive fund through deliberate presentations and proposals, and leading cross-functional teams. 



(Product Development Lead)

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Maryam holds PhD degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia and Post-Doctorate fellowship from Center for Oil & Gas Research and Development. She has

7 years of experience in leading product development projects and strong background in research and development in sustainable and clean technologies.