Biopolynet is the creator of Bionanocoil. Bionanocoil is a patented technology came from a novel view: biopolymeric cast net! Bionanocoil is an eco-friendly method to maximize efficiency in solving today's challenges.

Bionanocoil is applicable in a wide ​variety of areas such as wastewater treatment, tailing ponds recovery, industrial dust controlling, sand/dune stabilization, biofertilizers, manure management, iron ore pelletization, wood coal pelletization, art technology​, ... .

Biopolynet's Vision to deliver Cost-Effective, Innovative, and very Green solutions to the customers’ various challenges. The Mission is to focus on designing and developing a unique and simple biopolymeric network and customizing it to apply in a wide range of small, mid, and large- scale industries.  


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Biopolynet Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company was established in 2013 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Biopolynet is a bioproduct design, research and development foundation that genuinely cares about the environmental concerns. 

"Environmentally-friendly, profit-friendly technology is a win-win solution. "

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