What is ​BioNanoCoil?

"BioNanoCoil (BNC) is a patented solution came from innovative, simple, eco-friendly view to tackle the separation and stabilization challenges in the industry by applying a new concept in designing biopolymeric network."

BioNanoCoil Demo 

(BNC in Sand Stabilization)

The video below simply demonstrates the power of BNC in the sand stabilization. The results after adding 2% BNC to water is surprising!

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About BioNanoCoil (BNC)

How does BNC work?

"To simply describe the work, BNC acts like a cast net that could be thrown into the to the solution or spread on the surface to trap and stabilize all different types of solid particles regardless of their shape, size, charge, and color."

Is BNC a technology or a product?

"Both. BNC has  a diverse range of applications. In areas such as sand stabilization and industrial dust controlling, BNC is a final product and can be directly applied in the field. In areas such tailing ponds recovery, wastewater treatment, manure management, and iron ore pelletization, BNC is a technology can be customized and implemented in the process to maximize efficiency."

What are the advantage of BNC ​?


"Simple to apply"

​"Flexible in properties"